The true enemies of humanity are those people who willfully refuse to recognize the awful reality staring them straight in the face!

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It isn’t this covid-19 mind-fuck that is the true enemy of humanity at the moment, nor is it Bill Gates, nor the other inbred Anglo-Zionist vermin who wish to exterminate up to 90% of humanity. Nor is our true enemy Russia, or China, or communism, or socialism, or even the curse of capitalism. Our one true enemy, today, is the vast majority of people, the vast, mindless, madding herd, who are so willfully ignorant and sheep-like that the Anglo-Zionist criminals have little to no problem using them to do their despotic bidding.

‘The little people’, the ‘insignificant/the-not-chosen’ ones, according to the Anglo-Zionist horde (‘the chosen’ ones), are truly their own worst enemy. They turn their backs on each other every minute of every day, by listening to and embracing the continual flow of mind-numbing, baldfaced-criminal-lies that are pandered, day and night, by the corporate and political vermin and their bought and paid for mindless and gutless, mainstream-media talking-heads.

The vast majority of people will always be at the mercy of the inbred, insane few, as long as they continue to give up their unique individuality to become card-carrying, conformed and obedient members of the vast mindless and madding herd. As long as these people remain content to be sheep to the slaughter, to embrace and support a nanny-police-state system of government, they will be a threat to bring down the rest of us with them. The longer these willfully ignorant sheep to the slaughter continue to support the status quo of this despotic government, the more certain it is that ALL OF US will, someday soon, be herded into FEMA camps, where the real ‘final solution’ will finally take place.

So, for those of us standing up against the massive totalitarian-wannabe states of this world, whether communist, socialist or capitalist in nature, our worst enemies belong to this vast herd surrounding us. And if we don’t stop tolerating these blind, conformed morons, and their asinine ways, then they will end up taking us and our loved ones down with them.

We need to start bashing these willfully ignorant sheep with the reality that exists, and is threatening us all, and stop allowing them to silence us with terms like ‘covidiots’ or ‘conspiracy theorists’. These mindless sheep to the slaughter will be our downfall, if we don’t start drowning out their whiny ass, government-loving voices and take back control of our own lives. When are we going to stand up as one, and shout, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”?

I was over needing a mommy and daddy to take care of me a long, long time ago, and so I don’t need a monstrously-grotesque, evil and corrupt government, headed up by criminal assholes, taking care of me now, or in what future I have left.

Anarchism is the only way for mankind to ever survive and have a life worth living. And anarchism, for the ignorant sheep out there, does not equal chaos, as the inbred vermin have indoctrinated you to believe:

Anarchism: “belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.

Anarchism amounts to small, self-governing/sustaining communities, where the individual not only still thrives, but has a real say in how the collective works together. Anarchism means the death of the gargantuan and completely corrupt government/political/economic-systems of the world, which continue, on a moment by moment basis, to rape and pillage we the individuals and the rest of humanity.

Maybe we need to divide the world in half, and those of us who never grew up, who still need a mommy and daddy police-state/government (the herd), can exist on one half of the planet, while we the individuals spend our lives, living abundantly, on the other half?

Sounds good to me! I wouldn’t miss the herd at all!

9 thoughts on “The true enemies of humanity are those people who willfully refuse to recognize the awful reality staring them straight in the face!

      1. I’ve signed up here and when I get to the home notebook I’ll do a reblog. Ive got most of my sheeple readers pissed at me for not joining their doomsday faith walk so best to put more grease in the bearings! Remember it was the 2 sword length rule that was used in parliament between opposition members so they wouldn’t be able to slash each other during debates. Now guess where the 6 foot ‘social distancing rule came from.

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      2. Sha’Tara I just learned something new, with the 2 sword length point. Thank you!

        And thank you for signing up and the reblog.

        It felt good to write something and get that angst out of me. It has been nearly three months, since I shut down the old blog, and I was really not coping well with all the bullshit and no way to get rid of it.

        I already feel better, since I started blogging again. And I’m glad you stopped by. I lost a lot of the blogs I followed, so now I will add you again.

        Take care, and thanks again!


    1. I cringed as I added this video. I can’t stand Tucker Carlson, Fox ‘news’, or any of the other mainstream talking-heads. But he was right about this.

      Thank you, Sha’Tara, for the reblog!


  1. While I agree with your premise and that anarchy refers to a world without government “over the people” I have compassion for the “sheeple” who have been socially engineered over the centuries to accept authoritarian rule, whether through churches, government, or other institutions that presume superiority because of greater money or delegated power.

    The “sheeple” to me are like children who have never developed the maturity to accept the responsibilities (and joys) of adulthood and self-determination. This leads to cooperation and mutually beneficial support.

    I don’t believe in making predictions, but I can hope that this coronavirus panic-demic will teach individuals that the governments and other claimants to delegated authority, like “scientists,” “health experts” and other authoritarian institutions do not have solutions to individual problems, no matter how many rules the make to protect people from themselves and to protect the institutions from individuals.

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    1. I hear you. And I agree that all of us have been programmed from birth to be conformed and enslaved to this hell on earth. And I also hope that this flu hoax will awaken those still under the spell. Let us both hope so.

      I just think that we are running out of time to stop these psychopaths from bringing their perverse, despotic agendas to fruition.

      Thank you for your comment!

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