The Flaccid Dick – ‘The Days of Our Virus” – Dispatches from the Asylum

You can’t make this kind of excrement up! Most of the rest of the world has moved on from this flu outbreak, and that is all it is, a flu outbreak. But not in parts of Europe and here in red-white-and-blue hell.

Check out the moron female (I think it’s a female?) in the short video below. Is this lunatic, and those who own and control her, the person you want your child exposed to? I’d take my children to the nearest leper colony, before I’d allow this jackass near them!

Click on the link below and take in all of the following article. And then tell me why I should believe that the vast majority of Americans, the herd, are still in control of their sanity:


The gods of sanity weep at the state of the minds of those f**ked up beyond all repair who have the ‘authority’ to cast our lives into the nether world. For when these minds beyond repa…

Source: The Flaccid Dick – ‘The Days of Our Virus” – Dispatches from the Asylum

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