‘Blurday’ – ‘The Days of Our Virus’

“God bless America”?!!! I want no part of that god, nor his savior!

Dispatches from the Asylum

In the house of humiliation, the cornholio is the gift that keeps giving for the pile of excrement masquerading as government clowns, day after day after day.

The gods of shitf**kery throw down their demands of total annihilation of spirit, soul, mind and body of the unwashed.  Two weeks of flattening the curve has turned into months of complete humiliation and obedience to the keystone cops and whatever ‘antics de jour’ they come up on the fly after relieving themselves in their government office urinal.

And upon leaving the urinal, without masks, without gloves, and not giving a damn about 6 feet physical distancing bullshit, they get together in dimly lit and germ infested government offices and and set their minds to come up with shyte like this:

Proposed $3 Trillion Transfer of Wealth Scheme is Being Called the ‘Heroes Act’. – via wakingtimes.com

There’s always a ‘mighty mouse’…

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