“The Phase of Our Lives”

Dispatches from the Asylum

On this episode of The Phase of Our Lives, aspirations of exiting the house of pain are extinguished as soon as hope rears its ugly head among the unwashed, with further miscues and failures from elected pinheads steeped in stupidity being implemented for the unwashed to impale themselves upon.

Feast your eyes upon the latest tasty bit of shitf**kery from the CDC regarding the reopening of schools, and then think back to when you were in grade school. Could you adhere to a barn full of shyte like this?

Recommendations to reopen schools amid COVID-19 include:

  • Face coverings for all staff. Face coverings should be encouraged for students when physical distancing is difficult, but may be a challenge for younger students to wear all day.
  • Signage on how to stop the spread of COVID-19 with reminders of proper hand washing, promotion of protective measures and keeping adequate supplies.
  • Keep the same…

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