“Battlefield america: as the covid-19 story falls apart, a new crisis takes over”

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I sent the following email to a friend this morning:

I know you don’t watch tv that much. I turned on the tube this morning, and Fox, CNN and all the local stations are fixated on the riots, not a word about cv-19. And beyond masks on the reporters, while the police behind them are all bare face, there is no mention of cv-19 on the screen. Up to this point, on MSNBC, CNN and FOX, for the last three months, they have always had the cv-19 stats on the screen 24-7.

I knew it! I knew one day soon, these assholes would have a new ‘problem, reaction solution’ to fuck with the little minds of the vast madding herd. And that day is here.

CV-19 will now be placed back on the rack until needed once again. We have not seen the last of cv-19. If nothing else, these inbred scum got their rocks off torturing the herd with this common flu strain magically turned black plague.”

I knew, sooner or later, this false-flag flu virus bullshit, this baldfaced-lie, crime against humanity, would be replaced with another “PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION” that the inbred, Anglo-Zionist scum would come up with.

And here it is: George Soros’ “Black Lives Matter” were called up to keep the vast, madding herd in a state of FEAR and PANIC. Evidently the common-flu ‘pandemic’ mind-fuck, COVID-19, had run its course, so the pigs decided to choose another of their “PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION” mind-fucks to keep the panic and chaos going.

Just turn on the boob tube and watch as CNN, MSNBC and FOX news reporters cover the “Black Lives Matter” protests/riots nationwide, and see if they ever mention COVID-19. Nor are the COVID-19 stats on the screen anymore. And note how most of the reporters, and the protesters themselves, are wearing masks, but the stormtroopers, in riot gear, or on horseback, are all bare face. I guess the gestapo scum, like the government scum, are immune to COVID-19?

Mind-fuck after mind-fuck, and the herd never wakes up. This is existence (not life) in this cesspool asylum referred to as the ‘united states’ of America. It’s amazing, it’s beyond belief, how within just a few days, a ‘pandemic’ of this supposed epic proportion is seemingly placed on the back burner, and without even a valid test or vaccine having been created yet. Wow, what a “much ado about nothing” this ‘pandemic’/plague to end all ‘pandemic’/plagues is and has been.

And just take a good look around, and see how many lives, how many businesses, jobs and careers, have been sacrificed at the alter of this so called ‘pandemic’/plague:

At Least 9 Million US Households With Children Are “Not At All Confident” They’ll Be Able to Afford Food Next Month, Census Survey Finds

What’s even more amazing is that the herd will still not question what is happening here: being completely conformed, completely mind-fucked, obedient and compliant, the mindless herd has no choice but to be tossed here and there, like a dog’s tennis ball, by their Anglo-Zionist owners and operators.

But the most pathetic thing of all, when it comes to these card-carrying members of the herd (on the left, middle and right), is that they still believe they are free individuals.

Like my old ma used to tell me: “Those who will not listen will have to learn the hard way!”

Battlefield America: As the COVID-19 Story Falls Apart, A New Crisis Takes Over

By Spiro Skouras

For months the global health pandemic known as the coronavirus or COVID-19 has been dominating the headlines while drastically changing the lives of billions of people around the world. With unprecedented restrictions of people’s fundamental human rights, while simultaneously destroying the global economy, what is really going on?

Many have questioned the response from governments and global institutions such as the World Health Organization from the very beginning. Now, the CDC admits the mortality rate of the virus is much lower than previously projected, but the question remains why are we all still on lockdown?

Although the question for the need of continued lockdowns is now more important than ever, it seems to be lost as we are witnessing massive civil unrest spread across the US just as quickly as we were told the virus was spreading.

Are these protests spontaneous? Or is there an outside force facilitating the unrest, as we seem to be entering the second stage of a much larger operation? Is this the stage between phase one and phase two of the outbreak? A summer of chaos? In an election year, does it resemble shades of a Soros-sponsored color revolution, or a new form of Operation Gladio?

Regardless, it is almost impossible to deny the US, among many other nations, is in the midst of a rapid destabilization operation.

Source: Battlefield America: As The COVID Story Falls Apart, A New Crisis Takes Over – Activist Post

6 thoughts on ““Battlefield america: as the covid-19 story falls apart, a new crisis takes over”

  1. The simple fact that so many of the believing sheeple vehemently deny the existence of any agenda is all I need to know there is an agenda and the herd mind programming is being used to hide it. Standard procedure for any massive Illuminati/elitist false flag event proceeding a major shift. We are entering the implementation of global totalitarianism and the attempt to destroy every remaining democracy on the planet. The script being used in America is taken from 1984.

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    1. I wish I had written this, Sha’Tara! You said in one paragraph, here, what I have been attempting to say in ten thousand words!

      I could not agree more. We are on the verge of some horrific event that human kind has never experienced, because it is going to be at the global level.

      And yes, the sheeple choose to remain willfully ignorant, with their heads in the sand, or up their ass is closer!

      Orwell and Huxley were both prophets of the first order, or they were privy to what the elite scum were up to at that time. Either way, 1984 and Brave New World should be required reading for everyone today.

      Thanks, Sha’Tara! You and a few others help me to remain somewhat sane!;-)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t worry about such things. I didn’t even notice, to be honest!

        I try to edit my comments and posts, and then I read them a few days later, and I cringe!

        Your point was well made!!


    1. I agree! I’ve gone through some bad times, but those were on a more personal level. This is all of us at once.

      Unfortunately, it appears that the powers that should not be are not relenting. And so we may all be faced with what much of the so called “third world” has been going through for centuries.

      I hope not, but we have some insanely evil people in power, and as long as they remain in power, I don’t see much hope for better times.

      Humanity needs to unite!

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