here is your ‘new normal’, “whitey”!


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Get Up Off Your Knees:

…Rejecting collective guilt is not a crime. Refusing to acknowledge “white privilege” when you were born poor, or in a broken home, or with physical or psychological challenges, is not a crime…

All Races Suffer From Police Violence:

“Americans are so brainwashed that even some of my readers cannot believe that police violence affects more white people than black people. The majorty of victims are white; but dispoportionately (blacks are a smaller percent of the population) they are black. In turn, this disproportion can be explained by the fact that according to US Department of Justice statistics, blacks commit a disproportion of homocides. Being only 13% of the population, blacks commit 52% of murders…”

{DB Note: if these stats can be trusted, and that’s a big IF, this is still no excuse for these stormtroopers perpetrating these kinds of crimes. We need less government, not more, and these gestapo-stormtroopers are a blatant sign of  MORE GOVERNMENT! But most blacks, like most whites, can’t live without a police/nanny-state. They are all members of the mindless herd!}


The white woman in the following article has been so mind-fucked that she has no idea of who she is, or what she is to do at any given moment. This woman is completely lost, without some far-left authority figure or ‘expert’ leading her around like a helpless infant. She is little more than a mindless sheep to the slaughter, another pathetic product of the herd mentality.

The Anglo-Zionist pigs are licking their blood-stained chops, as they watch this woman bow down before one of George Soros’ “Black Lives Matter” puppets.  These inbred, web-toed vermin know their far-left minions (Soros, Sharpton, Pelosi, the Clintons, Obama, etc, ad-nauseum) have produced millions of compliant and obedient sheep just like this woman, which means they will have a much easier time rounding up the rest of us for extermination.

A race war will do just fine, won’t it, Mr Soros?! Your inbred, baby-raping/sex-trafficking owners and operators must be so proud:

Woman Kneels on Demand in the Street to Apologize for Her ‘White Privilege” – Reverse Racism Funded by the One-Percent. Ain’t that Right, George?

A video clip shows a woman immediately obeying a black man’s request to kneel on her feet in the street and apologize for her “white privilege”.

Yes, really.

It’s possible that the man, who introduces himself to her as a member of Black Lives Matter, is trolling, but her reaction is priceless nonetheless.

“I work for Black Lives Matter…but since I work for that company my CEO has told me to come out today and to bring you on your knees because you have white privilege, so if they see that a white person is getting on their knees, that shows solidarity for the situation,” he says.

The woman, who is wearing a face mask, then immediately gets down on her knees in the middle of the sidewalk.

Read More: Woman Kneels on Demand in the Street to Apologize For Her “White Privilege”

Source: Woman Kneels on Demand in the Street to Apologise For Her ‘White Privilege’ – reverse racism funded by the One-percent. Ain’t that right, George? – David Icke

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