“…Note how impotent ‘all-powerful’ authority really is when people in large numbers choose to ignore them…”

Image: http://www.davidicke.com

Also see:

Sustainable Chaos: When Globalists Call for a ‘Great Reset’:

“The ultra-radical agenda of the global elite is to completely disrupt the existing order and implement  its new Sustainable Development model, aka Technocracy, where the entire planet will be micromanaged by technology. It’s a Brave New World after all. ⁃ TN Editor

The unveiling on June 3rd by the World Economic Forum of ‘The Great Reset‘ agenda appears on the surface to be a newly devised concept created directly in response to Covid-19. As it turns out the first soundings of a ‘reset‘ were actually made as far back as 2014…”

Technocracy, Digital Feudalism and Scientific Dictatorship:

“This is the essence of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation: “All this would be something like a type of global technocracy under (pseudo)promises of liberation that serves to feed the established powers.” ⁃ TN Editor

Many people are now speaking of ‘Digital Feudalism’, a topic that, for some experts, could be the end of liberal principles, the global drive for domination, vigilance, and absence of personal independence…”


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

Jiddu Krishnamurti


This free-falling empire was supposedly founded, once upon a time, on violent rebellion. And yet, today, the only rebels to be found in America, are the pathetic rebels-without-a-clue who belong to fraudulent social-political ‘movements’, such as “BLM” and “ANTIFA”; both of which have been founded by the Anglo-Zionist scum (and the CIA) who own and operate the very government these lame-ass ‘rebels’ are supposedly protesting against:

The Co-opting of Activism by the State:

“…It is no coincidence that another Soros funded activism group Black Lives Matter has diverted the spotlight away from the lockdown’s broader impact on the fundamental human rights of billions of people, using the reliable methods of divide and rule, to highlight the plight of specific strata’s of society, and not all.

It’s worth pointing out that BLM’s activity spikes every four years. Always prior to the elections in the US, as African Americans make up an important social segment of Democrat votes. The same Democrats who play both sides like any smart gambler would. The Clintons, for example, are investors into BLM”s partner, the anti-fascist ANTIFA. While Hilary Clinton’s mentor (and best friend) was former KKK leader Robert Byrd.

BLM is a massively hyped, TV-made, politicised event, that panders to the populist and escapist appetite of the people. Blinding them from their true call to arms in defence of the universal rights of everyone. Cashing in on the youths pent-up aggression (or post-lockdown syndrome). And weaponising the tiger locked in a rattled cage for 3-months, and unleashed by puppet masters as the mob.

The organisers of BLM make obvious their insincerity by omitting this crucial focal point on their banner, to a youth, whose precious freedoms have been hijacked more than most throughout the draconian lockdown operation…” (emphasis added)

If it weren’t so unsettling and  disastrous for many of us, the pathetic actions of these rebels-without-a-clue would be almost comical: like a circus side-show or carnival troupe. I mean you have a bunch of barely educated morons (many with college degrees) holding up signs, tearing down statues, and throwing bricks, as if their university football team had just won the national championship. My only question is, how much money are Soros and the CIA paying these idiots?

Image: http://www.google.com

If these rebels-without-a-clue see themselves as the folks, my age, who stood up and fought against racial hatred/bigotry and the Vietnam war, way back when, then they are even more ignorant and stupid than I could have ever imagined.

We weren’t protesting, way back when, for identity politics, money and fifteen minutes of fame, we were protesting because we were compelled/driven to protest against the atrocities that were being perpetrated, by this government, on the rest of humanity. We knew why we were on the streets back then. And unlike these spoiled brats (black and white), we didn’t have the backing of this corrupt, evil system. Many of us were outcasts, at that time, even among our own families.

But those days, and those people, are long gone, and now we are stuck with these mindless morons.

Below, Mr and Ms Black & White America, is what the beginning of a true rebellion actually looks like. If you read this short article, you will discover that a true rebellion begins with a people who are fed up with the criminal lies and dealings of their despotic government. So these true rebels take the first step towards a rebellion, by not obeying ‘the authorities’ who have been making their lives a living hell. Mr and Ms Black & White America, you could learn much about true rebellion from the English and French!

‘Major Incident’ Declared After Thousands Flock to Beaches on the South Coast of England (Note How Impotent ‘All-Powerful’ Authority is When People in Large Numbers Choose to Ignore them)

A major incident has been declared after thousands of people flocked to beaches on the south coast of England during this week’s hot weather.

Scorching temperatures saw the mercury rise to 30 in parts of the UK before midday today.

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council said services were “completely overstretched” as huge numbers of visitors defied advice to stay away.

Council leader Vikki Slade said: “We are absolutely appalled at the scenes witnessed on our beaches, particularly at Bournemouth and Sandbanks, in the last 24-48 hours.

“The irresponsible behaviour and actions of so many people is just shocking and our services are stretched to the absolute hilt trying to keep everyone safe. We have had no choice now but to declare a major incident and initiate an emergency response.”

The council said 558 parking enforcement fines had been issued – the highest on record.

Read more: ‘Major incident’ declared after thousands flock to beaches on the south coast of England (Note how impotent ‘all-powerful’ authority really is when people in large numbers choose to ignore them)

Source: ‘Major incident’ declared after thousands flock to beaches on the south coast of England (Note how impotent ‘all-powerful’ authority really is when people in large numbers choose to ignore them) – David Icke

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