“Humankind is Smart…God is Dumb – Consequences – The Days of Their Virus”

Dispatches from the Asylum

In tonight’s episode of ‘how smart is humankind and how dumb God must be’, homo sapiens have advanced to a state where listening to dickheads and psychopath’s, masquerading as government arse’s, who jobs aren’t in jeopardy as they spend their days issuing “guidances” that lay to waste economies, are the garbage the unwashed choose to bend their knee and more toward.

The Creator gave the unwashed a body miraculous, with an immune system to ward off the nasties that come along, usually a result of genetically modified foods, fluoridated water, and tic-tac-toe gridlines of chemical f**kery sprayed in the skies that filter down for all the unwashed to breathe deeply of, the lolcows prefer the leftovers of bat guano from these morons more than exercising another miraculous element they were given upon birth, using their brains for critical thinking.

But now, boys and girls, more shitheads are entering the fray…

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