“GloboCap Über Alles”

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Huntington Beach Becoming Symbol Of ‘We Will Not Comply’:

As Brad Colburn whisked his metal detector over the tan sands of Huntington Beach, a rejection of Orange County’s spiking coronavirus infection rates surfaced.

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe the rates are rising,” Colburn said. “They’re inflated. It’s another way of shutting everything down … of the Democrats trying to get what they want.”

The 58-year-old Huntington Beach resident said he has yet to wear a mask outside of shopping. Standing by a beach path as cyclists and in-line skaters zoomed by, he offered his own alternative policy to restrictive coronavirus health orders.

“If you don’t want to go outside, don’t go outside,” Colburn said.

More than any other place in California, Huntington Beach has come to symbolize resistance to many of the coronavirus safety rules government officials have imposed in recent months. It’s not as though no one in the city is wearing masks and social distancing.

But many who oppose mandatory mask rules and other measures like closing beaches have been outspoken here, and used the tourist mecca as a platform for their views…

DB Note: Finally, some Americans with the guts to stand up to this tyrannical baldfaced-lie! This gives me some hope that there are still many Americans out there, who will never go along with these inbred psychopaths’ Agenda 2030 and their ‘One World Order’!


Quote From the Following Article:

The parallels [with 9-11] are overwhelming. The “state of emergency.” The propaganda. The mass hysteria. The mob mentality. The exaggeration of the actual threat. The police-state atmosphere. The suppression of dissent. The constant repetition of the new official narrative. The exhortative catchphrases and meaningless slogans. The confusion. The chaos. The existential fear. And so on. It is all so very familiar.

I’m referring to the simulated pandemic, of course, but also to the racialized civil unrest and identitarian polarization that GloboCap has fomented throughout the United States, and, to varying degrees, the rest of the empire. I’ve been covering the War on Populism and GloboCap’s “Trump-is-literally-Hitler” propaganda since 2016, so the civil unrest isn’t terribly surprising.

But, I confess, I did not see the fake plague coming…

The following article compares the baldfaced lie (false-flag) that 9-11 is, with this current baldfaced lie (psy-op) known as the CV-19 ‘pandemic’: 9-11 was the first major staged event leading towards a totalitarian ‘one world order’, and CV-19, the plague, is now the second stage of this planned take over of humanity and the planet.

It’s time to awaken to the awful truth staring us straight in the face. And if we choose to remain asleep, then we, our children and future generations will end up existing in a Big Brother like nightmare that makes what is happening at the moment, seem like a stroll in the park:

GloboCap Über Alles

CJ Hopkins

So, how are you enjoying the “New Normal” so far? Is it paranoid and totalitarian enough for you? If not … well, hold on, because it’s just getting started. There is plenty more totalitarianism and paranoia still to come.

I know, it feels like forever already, but, in fact, it has only been a few months since GloboCap started rolling out the new official narrative. We’re still in the early stages of it. The phase we’re in now is kind of like where we were back in February of 2002, a few months after the 9/11 attacks, when everyone was still in shock, the Patriot Act was just a few months old, and the Department of Homeland Security hadn’t even been created yet.

You remember how it was back then, when GloboCap was introducing the official “War on Terror” narrative, don’t you?

OK, maybe you do and maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re too young to remember, or you were caught up in the excitement of the moment and weren’t paying attention to the details. But some of us remember it clearly.

We remember watching (and futilely protesting) as GloboCap prepared to invade, destabilize, and restructure the entire Middle East, as countries throughout the global capitalist empire implemented “emergency security measures” (which, 18 years later, are still in effect), as the corporate media bombarded us with official propaganda, jacked up The Fear, and otherwise prepared us for the previous “New Normal” … some of us remember all that clearly.

Personally, I remember listening to a liberal academic on NPR calmly speculating that, just hypothetically, at some point in the not-too-distant future, we might need to sacrifice our principles a bit, and torture some people, to “keep America safe.” I recounted this to other Americans at the time, among my many other concerns about where the post-9/11 mass hysteria was heading.

Most of them told me I was just being paranoid, or that they didn’t really care, because we needed to do whatever was “necessary” to protect Americans, and, in any event, “the terrorists deserved it.” Shortly thereafter, I started making plans to get the hell out of the country.

I mention that, not to signal my virtue — leaving the U.S.A. didn’t achieve anything, except for improving my standard of living — but to jog your memory, and maybe prompt you to compare that period to the one we are in now.

The parallels are overwhelming. The “state of emergency.” The propaganda. The mass hysteria. The mob mentality. The exaggeration of the actual threat. The police-state atmosphere. The suppression of dissent. The constant repetition of the new official narrative. The exhortative catchphrases and meaningless slogans. The confusion. The chaos. The existential fear. And so on. It is all so very familiar.

I’m referring to the simulated pandemic, of course, but also to the racialized civil unrest and identitarian polarization that GloboCap has fomented throughout the United States, and, to varying degrees, the rest of the empire. I’ve been covering the War on Populism and GloboCap’s “Trump-is-literally-Hitler” propaganda since 2016, so the civil unrest isn’t terribly surprising.

But, I confess, I did not see the fake plague coming.

Running the two psy-ops together was brilliant. The effect on people has been devastating. Everyone is either depressed or enraged, or in some stage of paranoid paralysis. Some have been so thoroughly terrorized that they are literally refusing to leave their houses. Others are lining up at gun shops. White people are getting down on their knees and publicly washing Black people’s feet in “symbolic demonstrations of forgiveness.” Condiments are changing their names. It’s like we’re all trapped in a gratuitously didactic Netflix zombie-apocalypse series set in the world of The Handmaid’s Tale, written, directed, and produced by Spike Lee.

The official propaganda could not be more Orwellian, nor could people’s willingness to go along with it. It doesn’t even have to appear to make sense. Doublethink has taken over. For example, most of the developed world has been in some form of totalitarian lockdown, and subjected to other police-state measures (like being beaten and arrested for not wearing a mask), for no justifiable reason whatsoever, for going on the last five months, but, according to the corporate media (and the millions of people they have apparently brainwashed), it’s only now that Trump has sent his Homeland Security goons into Portland that, suddenly, “democracy is under attack!”

But wait … no, I take it back, the Orwellianism gets even more Orwellian. According to GloboCap and its sanctimonious minions, that sentence I just wrote about Portland is racist, because nearly everything you can imagine is racist, or is a potential threat to the public health. Calling riots “riots” is racist. Silence is racistFree speech is racist. Refusing to wear a mask is racist. The BLM protesters are immune to the virus, but other large gatherings (which, it goes without saying, are probably racist) all have to be banned.

Normality, as Americans knew it, is over, and it is never, ever, coming back, because white supremacy caused the pandemic. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland (where life has been going on without mass hysteria) do not exist. They have never existed (and, if they ever did, they were probably racist). Talking on public transportation is deadly. Interacting with children is potentially deadly, as are most other forms of human interaction … unless you’re tearing down a racist statue, or burning down a local family business, while wearing a designer anti-racism mask.

Seriously, though, just like in 2002, when GloboCap was still rolling out the “War on Terror” narrative, the facts are all available for anyone who cares. The falsification of Covid statistics and hospital capacity figures, the unreliability of the tests, and so on … it has all been repeatedly documented.

Anyone with a positive test result who later dies of any cause (including a fatal motorcycle accident) is counted as a “Covid death.” Anyone admitted to a hospital for anything who tests positive for the virus is a “Covid hospitalization.” And, I’m sorry to disappoint my liberal friends (assuming I have any left at this point), but systematic racism and police brutality did not suddenly begin in 2016.

What suddenly began in 2016 was a concerted effort on the part of GloboCap to put down a growing populist backlash against global capitalism and its soulless ideology. Yes, most of that backlash is neo-nationalist in character, but it also includes a significant number of old-fashioned lefty-types like myself, and a lot of other un-woke folks who aren’t quite ready to embrace their new identities as interchangeable human commodities.

We are experiencing the culmination of that effort (or what they hope is the culmination of that effort) to put down this motley populist insurgency, and ensure that it never happens again. GloboCap is teaching us a lesson. The lesson is:

“This is what you get when you fuck around with GloboCap. This is what voting for Trump, Brexit, and all the rest of that ‘populist’ nonsense gets you … global pandemics, civil race wars, riots, lockdowns, economic depression, societal collapse, chaos, fear. Go ahead, fuck around with us some more. We will make you wear ridiculous face masks forever. We will paint little arrows and boxes on the floor to show you where to walk and stand. We will bankrupt your businesses, shut down your schools, psychologically torture your children. We’ll inject them with any fucking thing we want. There is nothing you can do about it. We will make you get down on your knees and apologize for fucking with us, or we will stigmatize you as a ‘racist,’ sic our mobs of fanatics on you, and ‘cancel’ you and your entire family.”

This, essentially, is the message that GloboCap is delivering to disobedient populists (left or right, it makes no difference; GloboCap doesn’t care which political labels we cling to or slap on each other). It is our final warning to quit playing grab-ass, get with the global capitalist program, and start behaving and thinking as we’re told … unless we want to get locked down again, and ordered to wear things on our faces, and be otherwise ritually humiliated.

See, the so-called “New Normal” (i.e., the new ideological narrative that GloboCap is rolling out) is actually not that new at all … or, OK, the pathologization part is (and I’ll be paying close attention to that aspect of it), but, basically, it’s just plain old totalitarianism.

It isn’t state-totalitarianism, because our world isn’t ruled by nation-states. It is ruled by global capitalism. We are being reminded of that fact at the moment … and being shown what happens if we start to forget it.

Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. My hunch is, it is only going to get worse until they can get Trump out of office, which Americans are liable to help them do, simply to make the whole nightmare stop.

Once he’s gone, they’ll probably retire the fake pandemic, call off the riots, and stage some sort of international celebration of the Rebirth of Democracy, after which they can get finally back to the business of ruthlessly destabilizing, restructuring, and privatizing the planet, sanitizing history, curing humanity of racism, hate, and other pathologies, and otherwise enforcing rigid conformity to global capitalist ideology.

Maybe they could get the Hamilton composer to write them a hip hop Deutschlandlied to use as a supranational anthem. They could call it GloboCap Über Alles … it kind of has a ring to it, doesn’t it?

CJ Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing and Broadway Play Publishing, Inc. His dystopian novel, Zone 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. Volume I of his Consent Factory Essays is published by Consent Factory Publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amalgamated Content, Inc. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org.

Source: GloboCap Über Alles – OffGuardian

27 thoughts on ““GloboCap Über Alles”

      1. A drummer, I worked with years ago, and I considered doing a comedy duo. We used to pull stunts in the school of music all the time, which would make many of the women scream and the men laugh their butts off: like walking each other into lockers, while pretending to have a conversation, and then rolling around on the floor as if we were injured. You know, Kat, stupid male stuff!;-)

        I might have given up music to make people laugh, or at least made music the number two career.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s how life should be! Humour is underrated to get through life’s serious dealings at times! Stunts are fun ‘generally’. As long as no one gets hurt! I know I know! I’m taking it waaaay too seriously!

        What a fun story. Wish I was there! I’d walk through the hall as if nothing is happening then walk back….then back again..’skipping’ over the poor injured pup and pretending I’m reading a book while walking. Metal-ward ha

        Oops got carried away

        Liked by 1 person

      3. ‘I might have given up music to make people laugh, or at least made music the number two career.’

        This, feels like there’s a deeper connotation to it! But then I maybe wrong

        Liked by 1 person

      4. You’re not wrong, Kat!

        It would mean writing a small book to explain this, but let’s just say that music, in some ways, has been a tease; it’s led me along, toyed with me, and then left me for another.

        As you know, it’s the risk we artists all take, when we offer up our lives to our art. I had some success, but not what I wanted, just like many other musicians.

        I had less invested in making people laugh, and making people laugh came much easier to me than appeasing the gods of music. So this is why I say I might have chose comedy over music..

        Liked by 1 person

      5. No problem, Kat! Actually, after I sent the response with this quote in it, I went back and read this sentence, and I thought, Would you really have given up music for comedy? And I had no answer.

        So your sense that there was something else lurking there, actually helped me. I hadn’t, in written form, or verbally, ever really thought this one out. And just my short explanation allows me to see why I felt this way, back then, and even now. If the opportunity had availed itself, back then, music might have become a second career.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. So yah…backlash is coming.

        I hesitated coming here and sharing. But I think it’ll get your amusement level up. (eye rolling) over how ppl just want you ‘believe’ those who are lying to them.

        J*******: “absolutely, we should be questioning and searching out sound information, however there is a lot of false information being spread about to further destabilize our society out of fear or an agenda, asking oneself what makes sense and looking at the source is a start. But suggesting some global capitalist ghost organization is behind a fake pandemic and marginalized people finally having enough of being murdered in the street is kinda off side and only feeds fear and paranoia much better to find ways we can help

        The other problem is when we post more of this we become part of the problem because there are people who blindly believe this fake information see the lovely blind Trump supporters and how they deny what is happening in front of them”

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Yep, there it is. Big surprise, right?;-)
        You didn’t respond, did you?

        Everything this person spews forth is condemning their own position. You and I know this, but they don’t. The real anger is exposed at the end, it’s all about this worthless election and getting Trump out, not about people and their health.

        I’m not on social media for this very reason. Fb and the like are part of this system’s propaganda machinery. They live off of mindless, whipped idiots like this person.


      8. My response, to Jo:

        “Jo, I respect you and admire you. I’m basically a fan.

        Now, take a look at this pic below.

        You are my sourdough guru. And I…questioned all the bread rules that absolutely made no sense to me. Then made my own ‘modified’ sourdough bread recipe.

        How’s that related?! I …question ‘everything’!

        It’s my nature.

        Your nature is to respect what they’re telling us. I don’t.

        I don’t believe FOR A SECOND, ‘they’ care about our ‘health’! They don’t!

        Can I convince you (and others) of this? Absolutely not! You are free, to believe what you want. As I am too.

        I am not hostile at all. I am just living my life, without …fear! And if ‘that’ makes me a scary sinister?! 🤷‍♀️

        I do not, enjoy confrontation. I believe, truly do, I was put on this earth, to make ppl..smile. Not cry or frown.

        I’m peaceful. I truly am.

        At the same time, am I going to shy from voicing my point about the biggest conspiracy of our times?! Probably not.

        Why am I doing this?

        Ppl will end up hating me. They’ll accuse my faculty of..male functioning! What would I gain?


        It’s more headache than anything really.

        Why don’t I ‘get along with the program’ and pretend…I do not see the truth?!

        I’ll say: because, it’s ‘not’ the truth.

        At the same time, I am intelligent enough to realize, ‘seeing’ the truth isn’t pretty! It’s beyond…grotesque and just… ok frightening! But I choose to see it.

        I can’t change ppl Jo Anne. I’d be a fool to think they’d want to see what is happening. But my path is mine. And mine alone.

        If you’re concerned about my wellbeing, I’ll thank you! But, I am not unhappy my friend! I am a forever optimist 🙂. I see the beauty in life, no matter the hurdle. Life is still…beautiful

        Liked by 1 person

      9. So you did respond! Kat.

        I thank you for posting this, but please, Kat, don’t post my stuff. I don’t want you putting up with this crap, and this is all you will get on FB and the rest.

        We are fighting an steep up hill battle, and we are a tiny minority. But I’ll keep on going anyway!

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Just for the record, I apologize for using the term idiot to describe this person.

        I must admit, the response pissed me off. She sounded a lot like my former friends.

        Liked by 1 person

      11. You are bold, and fearless. You don’t imitate anyone! And I appreciate your honesty.

        She was a bit aggressive! It bugged me too.

        It’s ok to disagree. But we have to allow the other person, room to express ‘their’ views. Respectfully so

        Liked by 1 person

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