“Lukewarm Puke – The Days of Their Scamdemic”

Chomp on this for a while, all you pathetic sheep to the slaughter!

Dispatches from the Asylum

Bugged-eye and regretting their life choices, the unwashed drearily shuffle from one depressing outing to another here in the house of pain the psychopath’s have created.

Half-assed and ill fitting masks of shame covering their faces, the unwashed wait for the next ‘obey’ command to be issued from Stasi government cement-heads, and if no new obey command is issued with the dawn of the new fart, they continue on obeying previous lockstep and lockdown bullshit that these dickheads have concocted for you to follow, but not them.

But not to worry lolcow’s, you’re not in a nightmare, you’ve been dead for years,

Now, if you happen to be one of the cement-heads in government, who have lied, cheated, schemed and scammed your way to the shit halls in D.C., then you have carte blanche to continue to scheme your way to millions and millions, while the unwashed are sent to…

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