“High altitude bullshit – the days of their scamdemic”

Dispatches from the Asylum

There are shitholes, and then there are real shitholes.

This shitposting writer lives in the former, as NYC appears to be taking their ultimate tank seriously and is on its’ way to securing premiere shithole status, (and on the street documentation of NYC here) thanks to the government cement heads in charge.

The cornholio has magical knowledge, knowing it can only infest itself upon the unwashed under certain circumstances and situations that local government farts sitting in their government offices, seeped in their own stench, concoct, daily, weekly and monthly, with their ever changing movement of the goalposts.

But now, the god-like cornholio has acquired a new skill, that of discerning what time of day or night it can infest itself into the innocents.

Polis Moves Last Call for Alcohol to 11 p.m., Midnight Coming Soon? – by Michael Roberts via westword.com

During an August 21 press conference…

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