“Jane Fonda on Climate Change: “Just Get Rid of Us Homo Sapiens ASAP and Things Will Restore Themselves.””

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Environmentalists Cause Environmental Disaster In Europe:

Swiss meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann calls it “the dumbest energy and environmental policy ever”. Now, finally, after years of being warned, Germany’s mainstream media are finally showing signs of waking up to it.

Germany’s flagship ARD public broadcasting recently presented a report earlier today about how “CO2 neutral” wood burning is leading to widespread deforestation across northern Europe – a rather embarrassing development for the Europeans, who recently expressed their condemnation over Brazilian forest policy.

Deforestation up 49%

The ARD’s “Das Erste” reports how satellite images show deforestation has risen 49% since 2016 in Sweden, Finland and the Baltic countries. The reason: “Because of the CO2 targets. That sounds totally crazy but precisely because of the trend to renewable energies is in part responsible for deforestation in Estonia,” says the Das Erste moderator…

DB Note: Environmentalist jackasses and morons strike again! I thought these assholes were suppose to be “tree huggers”? Guess not!


“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.”

H.L. Mencken


I’m taking a short respite from the CV-19 bullshit, in order to attack another one of my many pet-peeves: environmentalism and the pseudo-left assholes who pander/preach it.

Environmentalism is just one more fucked-up religion we have to deal with. The earth has existed for billions of years, and the earth will be here long after mankind has become a distant nightmare-memory.

So I have a suggestion for Jane, who just happens to be one of the pseudo-left’s truly “PRIVILEGED WHITES”: Why don’t you and your tree-hugging cohorts in imbecility, like ugly and obnoxious Greta Thunberg, lead by example, and commit suicide en-masse?! The rest of us will be so impressed, I promise!

I didn’t even know Jane was still alive. The last thing I heard about Jane was that she had married one of the most well known capitalist-pigs to ever slither on planet earth: Ted Turner. And it seems a bit hypocritical to me that a woman who had married the likes of Ted Turner would still have the unmitigated gall to suggest that all of humanity should either commit suicide or be exterminated. In my estimation, it is scum like Ted Turner who should either commit suicide or be terminated! Jane Fonda-Turner: one more obnoxiously-hypocritical and clueless Hollywood-asshole!

As far as I am concerned, if humanity is destined to cease to exist, which at the moment, seems to be more than likely, then why would any of us be solely concerned about the planet? I know I am not concerned about the planet at this very moment. I am more concerned about my self and those I love, and how we can protect ourselves from the inbred-vermin who are seeking our demise.

These are the same inbred-vermin who are solely responsible for the state of the environment, and yet, you and I are accused, by assholes like Jane, of being solely responsible for destroying the environment. Jane and horde, of course, are too cowardly to attack the real culprits, or those like Ted Turner, who helped them acquire fame and fortune, so they attack the rest of us. Not only are Jane and her horde hypocrites, they are also cowards.

Like all the rest of you, I didn’t ask to be born and exist on this miserable “third rock from the sun”. So why would I care more about the planet than I care about my self and those I love? To alter a Billy Joel lyric a bit: I DIDN’T START THIS FIRE, and therefore, I am not, in any way, responsible for the state of this planet!

Shit truly does happen, little sheep to the slaughter! You need to face this truism! You also need to grow the hell up, and learn how to prioritize your values, if, that is, you have any? We are about to experience something akin to what Orwell and Huxley prophesied, more than half a century ago, and yet, all of you sheep remain concerned about every little meaningless piece of shit that comes along. Once again, little sheep to the slaughter, wake up, grow up, and then learn how to prioritize what is of greater importance, at any given moment, and what is not.

It isn’t the planet that will soon be doomed, as these morons claim, it will be humanity. And our doom will have been brought about by capitalist-scum like Fonda and Turner, and the mindless and blind sheep who are more than willing to follow their every command.

Jane Fonda on Climate Change: “Just Get Rid of Us Homo Sapiens ASAP and Things Will Restore Themselves.”

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Hanoi Jane sharing her charming insights into what she thinks is wrong with the world. Though to be fair, Fonda decided that since she is a mother and grandmother, exterminating the human race is not an option.

‘I was slipping into despair’: Jane Fonda finds hope, purpose in climate change activism

Barbara VanDenburgh

“I would wonder if perhaps humankind deserved the fate it had created,” Fonda writes. “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.”

A mother and grandmother, Fonda knew that wasn’t an option.

“I knew this fatalist thinking was a cop-out, and I didn’t like myself for it,” she writes. What helped convince Fonda to fight for change was actually listening to what climate scientists were saying.

“The scientists are very clear: We have to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030,” Fonda says. “They say we have the technology to do it, we have the money to do it, we have everything we need to do it except enough people to force the government to actually do it.”

Read more: https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/books/2020/09/08/jane-fonda-hope-climate-change-activism-what-can-i-do/5709624002/

What can I say; scratch a hardline climate activist, find an anti-humanist…

The rest of the article can be found here:

Source: Jane Fonda on Climate Change: “Just get rid of us Homo sapiens ASAP and things will restore themselves.” | Watts Up With That?

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