“Toxic & Poisoned”


The air I breathe in this city is dirty and heavy; I wake up with a blocked nose. I can’t breathe properly, it is heavy and dense here with smog lurking.

Why do I feel ill every day?

The water I drink is heavy, full of metals, fluoride and god knows what else.

The food I eat is riddled with pesticides, genetically modified food and plastic wrapped packages of death. All the fruits of the earth are contaminated.

The body I live in has been given vaccines without my consent as a baby. Who knows what these injections have done to our bodies.

The people around, the masses, thrive off gossip and projection. Where are you realness? Why all the small talk constantly?

This environment is for caged animals. We should not have to live on top of each other in tower blocks.

This mind I have been given has…

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