“What I meant was …”

Isn’t this what many American blacks have wanted for a long time, anyway?

I have posted this to make the point that there are evil people and forces that want Americans, in particular, divided in every way possible. And these people and forces are behind BLM and ANTIFA. Neither of these perverse organizations desire peace and unity, they desire division, hatred, racism, bigotry and war.

And it is scum like George Soros and the Anglo-Zionist Klan who are behind ANTIFA and BLM. Divide, Conquer and Rule, is all part of this CV-19, Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset bullshit!

Source: What I meant was … – David Icke

5 thoughts on ““What I meant was …”

    1. NOT YOU! Not you at all!
      I was just responding with a quote that I’ve seen.

      Humanity needs to come together – NOT come apart.
      Sorry – some of us Americans do come across as being angry.

      I wasn’t directing my comment at you personally.

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      1. No, I need to apologize! I am so sorry! I was really surprised.

        I don’t think a lot of whites or blacks, my age, understand that ANTIFA and BLM have been set up to divide us all. And so when I posted this, my intent was, without writing a book, to draw attention to this. In hind sight, I think I need to add a paragraph to this, which I think I will do right now.

        I am glad this was a misunderstanding. And once again, I am sorry for not getting the gist of what you wrote!! I am going to delete my comment!


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