“The Real Meaning Behind ‘Operation Warp Speed’”

Also see: The Devastating Economic Impact of Covid-19 Shutdowns: To this point, the destruction caused by state and Federal Covid-19 lockdowns has largely been expressed in aggregates. Yet along the same line as a popular critique of Keynesianism, economic aggregates present a greatly truncated story by smoothing over minute but revealing evidence at lower levels. … More “The Real Meaning Behind ‘Operation Warp Speed’”

“Morning in Hell”

Also see: Michigan Attorney General WILL NO LONGER Enforce Whitmer’s COVID Lockdown: The State of Michigan’s Attorney General has announced she will not enforce any executive orders issued by the state’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, after the Michigan Supreme Court rules Whitmer exceeded her authority. “In light of the Supreme Court’s decision on Friday, the Attorney … More “Morning in Hell”

“Why We Should Question the Narrative on Masks”

Also see: Masks Are Causing Serious Health Problems: Now that many children are back in school and forced to be wearing muzzles, parents are reporting that their children are developing terrible rashes around their mouths and noses, as well as other parts of the body. The rash is known as Impetigo and it is caused … More “Why We Should Question the Narrative on Masks”