“Lockdown is wicked – it is sadism, especially for the ill and elderly”

Free Citizens

Before I address this topic I first want to tell you two stories, both true, by way of background.

An occasion when I was young and a bit poorly, probably flu, I lay down on the floor feeling too worn out to move. My two cats came down and lay on either side. It was comforting. These were not fluffy, friendly lap cats, but two un-neutered toms, father and son. The most they did in terms of affection was hail fellow well met, otherwise maintaining a suitably macho distance.  Yet they responded to my being unwell.

Many years later when my husband was treated for cancer I would meet him for lunch and we drove to a nearby park. As we ate our sandwiches we noticed a pair of birds, Ravens I think. One had obviously had an accident as it had a broken wing and could not fly. Its…

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