“Pain – Their constant offering – The months of their scamdemdic”

Dispatches from the Asylum

Pain – the constant staple of failure, is the alluring temptress that nearly all willful ignorant’s and apathetic’s subscribe to. 

And with their addiction to pain in this house of sadness, the gods of mayhem supply ample amounts of misery for the lolcow’s to latch onto to keep their addiction juiced.

One of the first gifts bestowed to humans that succumbs to atrophy in this modern, woke era is the gift of critical thinking.  How else to explain how homo sapiens have come to bend the knee to the church of the cornholio, and don the humiliating face diaper, a cloth, a covering comprised of various chemical f**keries to restrict one’s oxygen intact. For who needs oxygen, right?

Such is the insanity we believe in, issued by government cement heads sweating out long days under florescent lighting, with their output of rules, mandates, suggestions and other shitf**kery that equates to…

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