20 thoughts on ““The Truth Is Back To Front”

      1. Think is the right word, because I really don’t know, for certain.

        My belief is that there is a small minority of beings, whether human or not, who control the large governments/economic systems of this world. And these powers that be are finalizing their plan, “the great reset”/”the new normal”, to completely control the entire world and humanity.

        And I believe this fake pandemic was the key to them beginning their final phase of this plan/agenda.

        Sounds paranoid, doesn’t it? I hope my beliefs are wrong!

        What is your perspective on this? Thanks for asking!

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      2. Hey, thanks for your great reply, you don’t sound paranoid, you sound like you have done your research and come to this conclusion based on extensive researching. I would describe what is happening to the world as you do! However, I would add a spiritual dimension to it and say that the planet is rising in consciousness from three dimensional to five dimensional, we are ascending and waking up as a new age begins as said in many ancient scriptures and from tribes and civilisations all around the world (Mayans, Hopi etc).

        What do you think will happen following the course of events in the world?

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      3. I still believe there is a creator, and that there is a spiritual component to life, but I have put a hold on seeking this spiritual life, for reasons that I won’t go into here.

        You asked:

        “What do you think will happen following the course of events in the world?”

        From what I see happening today, and if this “great reset/new normal” comes to fruition, then I think we will all soon be living in a completely totalitarian one world government, and life will be turned into a nightmare existence, for those of us who are allowed to keep on living.

        On the other hand, I am hopeful that when this totalitarian system of government begins in earnest, humanity will finally rise up together, and say NO MORE OF THIS!, and tear it down.

        And then, hopefully, if this does happen, people won’t make the same mistakes as before, and turn to a new system, where the individual has the power in the collective.

        So how do you see the world, after all of this passes, if it passes?

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      4. I agree with what you say above, again, I would have put it in vaguely the same words.

        Totalitarian nightmare.

        However, there is a chance that Trump is successful with his lawsuits for voter fraud and that he stirs the world into a slightly better future?

        What do you think to Biden’s media network announced “win”?

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      5. This is my fourth blog in the last twelve years, the first two only lasted a short time. I quit blogging at the beginning of this year, and then came back in late April. This will be my last.

        Three of the four have been with WP, the first was with Blogspot.

        Are you new to blogging?


      6. My last blog had 4500 postings. So when I deleted it, I downloaded all of my postings, and saved them on a flash drive.

        I would guess that many long term bloggers have had more than one.

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      7. Indeed. People create blogs for many different reasons and in turn, also delete these blogs for their own reasons. It is trial and error and we find our way..

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      8. I certainly think they are. CV-19 is all fear based. And by invisible, they could be spiritual beings, but I think they are incognito, inbred lunatics.

        What do you think?

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      9. I think that there is much going on beyond our own comprehension, we are like ants with cell phones..

        From what I have read and studied over the years, there are invisble beings on another dimension feeding off our fear.. there are alliances between different alien species like the draconians and greys for example. I think evil rules this planet and it is being revealed in this great awakening.

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      10. I would not doubt this! Not a bit! Aldous Huxley once asked., and I’ll paraphrase. here,” “Maybe this is another planet’s hell?”

        We aren’t ants, we are nano-specs in a nano-galaxy. We are so full of ourselves, and for no reason, whatsoever!

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