“COVID19 – Evidence Of Global Fraud”

Also see: All-powerful CDC calls for concentration camps in America, including the invasion of homes and neighborhoods: The mass surrender of individual liberties and property rights in 2020 has emboldened a dangerous merger between power-drunk government officials and public health authoritarians. An all-powerful Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now plotting to turn American communities into … More “COVID19 – Evidence Of Global Fraud”

“Civil Disobedience Is the Solution for this COVID-19 Madness”

Also see: UK MP Threat: Get Vaccine Or Be Banned From Working: The world is about to experience the utter scourge of Scientific Dictatorship, aka Technocracy. Non-vaxxers will be literally ostracized out of normal society, unable to work or travel. This will create an underclass segment of society barely able to survive unless they submit … More “Civil Disobedience Is the Solution for this COVID-19 Madness”

“COVID-19 Creates Unconstitutional Hell For America”

Also see: “Largest Distribution Ever” – Thousands Of Cars Lined Up At Texas Food Bank: According to CBS News, the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) handed out more than 600,000 pounds of food this past weekend to 25,000 hungry people. Thousands of cars lined up to collect food in Dallas, Texas, over the weekend, stretching as … More “COVID-19 Creates Unconstitutional Hell For America”