“Operation Warp Speed Reveals COVID Vaccine Distribution Plan by Military: “All of America Must Receive the Vaccine Within 24 Hours” After FDA Fast-track Approval”

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This article should be read by every American, whether they buy into the CV-19 lie or not. The US Military is planning to force a vaccine on us; a vaccine that has not been tested properly, and has made the folks who chose to be the guinea pigs severely ill.

It is time for this totalitarian system to be done away with, once and for all time! It is time for us to RESIST! 

Operation Warp Speed Reveals COVID Vaccine Distribution Plan by Military: “All of America Must Receive the Vaccine Within 24 Hours” After FDA Fast-track Approval

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

While the nation continues to be fixated on the aftermath of the U.S. Presidential elections, the news of which is dominating BOTH the Corporate Pharma-funded media, and the Alternative media, a far more significant public briefing occurred in Washington D.C. yesterday that seems to have “slipped through the cracks” of media coverage.

And perhaps this was intentional.

This briefing concerned Operation Warp Speed, and the presenters were Army Gen. Gustave F. Perna, chief operations officer for Operation Warp Speed, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II, and Dr. Moncef Slaoui, chief advisor for Operation Warp Speed.

To learn more about Dr. Moncef Slaoui, who has a history working with Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the director of the CDC, and others, see:

Trump Mobilizes Military to Deliver Coronavirus Vaccine – Appoints Another Bill Gates Funded Big Pharma Exec as Chief Military Advisor

You can watch the entire briefing on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services YouTube channel here. We will also upload a copy to the Health Impact News Bitchute channel, just in case it disappears.

The entire briefing is 55 minutes long, but we have lifted out a 2-minute segment from General Gustave Perna’s presentation with something he said that should concern all Americans. (The video is still processing on Bitchute at the time of publication.)


Quote from General Perna:

Two things we must have.

One, upon emergency use authorization (by the FDA), all of America must receive the vaccine within 24 hours.

I think this is incredibly important. Fair and equitable distribution of the vaccine throughout the country, simultaneously.

There is no haves and have nots. It is an equitable distribution, and we are driving hard to make sure that happens.

It is important to take these comments in context with the entire briefing, because the military only plans to have enough vaccines for about 20 million people in December.

So there is no way they could try to vaccinate all 350 million Americans by the time the first vaccines are issued FDA emergency use authorization, even if that is what he meant.

In other words, you are not likely to see soldiers at your door forcing you to receive a vaccine whether you want one or not, at least not anytime soon.

The plan is to distribute these vaccines through Walgreens, CVS, and hospitals.

The General’s comments are disturbing, nonetheless. Because this is a very fluid situation where everyone has to do their part, including the FDA who has to fast-track the approval process to allow this to happen.

That is a serious step, and the FDA knows it, because it lets the pharmaceutical company off the hook from legal liabilities should the vaccine prove to be harmful with injuries and deaths.

Yesterday (November 18, 2020), Peter Marks, head of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research and the main person tasked with deciding whether or not to give fast-track approval, made the rounds in the media trying to reassure the public that the FDA would take its time in reviewing the new Pfizer and Moderna COVID experimental vaccines, a process that he said would take “weeks,” not “days.”

They are fully aware of the “vaccine hesitancy” among the American public right now towards an experimental COVID vaccine, as he reportedly stated:

What we need here is confidence. Everything that we are trying to do here, this is all about ensuring the public re-develops the kind of trust they once had in vaccines. (Source.)

The problem is that the public never should have trusted the pharmaceutical companies and the government who produce and approve vaccines.

Any information contrary to the propaganda they want the public to believe about vaccines, which is that they are “safe and effective” and that the “science is settled” when it comes to vaccines, has NEVER been true, and any dissenters, including medical doctors and scientists, who try to engage in an intelligent debate about vaccines, are always censored.

When you listen to the full briefing by these people running Operation Warp Speed, they want the American public to trust the pharmaceutical companies producing these vaccines, but they are not worthy of anybody’s trust! They are proven liars and criminals!


Last week, when Pfizer announced that the COVID vaccine was “90% effective,” I published an article exposing how Pfizer is perhaps the largest criminal organization in the world.

In 2009 they reached a fraud settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice for $2.3 BILLION, the largest ever fraud settlement in the history of the DOJ at that time. (Source.)

Since then, they have faced numerous other criminal investigations, the most recent one being reported just last week, November 10, 2020, with the foreign corruption units at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) looking into their activities in China and Russia. See:

Criminal Pfizer Inc. Wins COVID Vaccine Race? Hundreds of Millions of Doses Expected to be Ready Within Weeks

And these are the kind of people we are being called upon to “trust” over an experimental, new kind of vaccine that has never been in the market before?

The Future Does NOT Look Good Unless People Start Resisting

The Globalists have not been secretive at all during the COVID Plandemic as to what their plans are.

These Wall Street Billionaires and Central Bankers want a New World Order, which is now being labeled “The Great Reset,” which is well under way right now.

We have already seen trillions of dollars added to the National Debt, with most of that going to Big Pharma, which has more lobbyists in Washington D.C. than all other industries combined, where they control the political process as well.

The roll-out of the new COVID vaccine is the next phase of their plan, as they seek to demolish liberty and install medical tyranny in its place.

The Presidential elections in the U.S. was really just a side show, not the main event, and almost everyone is falling for it.

Because this “Great Reset” and the destruction of what liberties we have left in the U.S., will march full speed ahead at “Warp Speed” no matter who is declared President.

The militarization of America’s cities seems to be the next phase also, not only to distribute the COVID vaccine, but probably to deal with riot control as well, after President Trump is declared the actual winner of the November elections, which will infuriate the Biden Democrats and be used as an excuse to cause widespread riot, looting, and unfortunately probably killing as well.

Those who take to the streets to protest, even if they have peaceful intentions, will also risk getting caught up in Operation Warp Speed and soon find out their biggest threat is not who becomes President, but the military forcing them to take their COVID vaccine.

Since there are only going to be enough vaccines for 20 million people or so in December, where might this be rolled out?

The briefing mentions “64 jurisdictions” which includes all 50 states, territories, and 6 metropolitan areas.

I have been unable so far to identify which 6 metropolitan areas are included, but in a document published by the CDC in September this year titled COVID Vaccination Planning with Five Pilot Jurisdictions, Florida, California, Minnesota, and Philadelphia participated.

Philadelphia is the only metropolitan area among that group, which also included North Dakota targeting Native Americans, but it could also include the Twin Cities in Minnesota, the LA area and San Francisco Bay areas of California, and the greater Miami area of Florida.

Please understand that there are now two ways of militarizing our cities. President Trump has recently fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper, as well as some top Pentagon officials in what appears to be political moves to allow him to send in federal troops to the cities once he is declared President again. See:

What does President Trump’s Firing of Defense Secretary Mark Esper Mean?

Once they are in the cities, they will probably remain there indefinitely to maintain “peace and order,” and until the pharmaceutical companies can ramp up production to have enough vaccines to vaccinate all Americans, which we now know is the stated goal of General Perna and the military.

So what can we do?


The rule of tyrants cannot succeed without the consent of the ruled.

Do not consent! We outnumber them, by far, and they fear us!

Here are the main people who will be on the front lines, that need to consider carefully now how to resist, because your lives literally depend on it.

Armed Forces

If you serve in the military, do NOT consent to open war on American soil against your own citizens! That is NOT why you joined the military! Whether for political or medical reasons, DO NOT COMPLY! And do NOT take the vaccine!

Your fellow citizens are NOT the enemy! Our common enemy are the Globalists who at the very top are part of a Satanic Occult that is growing fast and becoming even more bold. See:

Unmasking Who is Behind the Plandemic and Rioting to Usher in the New World Order

Medical Staff

During the first round of lockdowns earlier this year, the media falsely portrayed all of the hospitals across the U.S. as being overwhelmed by COVID.

They were lying! Yes, some hospitals were busy, but because people who had other medical conditions besides COVID were told to go home, there were massive layoffs of doctors and nurses nationwide as many hospitals across the country were almost empty. See:

Crisis in America: Hospitals Across the Country Begin to Close due to Lack of Patients – Nurses and Doctors being Laid Off

Many doctors and nurses were considered expendable to promote their “pandemic” and fear, and they will do it again!

Medical professionals are to be among the first ones to receive the new COVID vaccines.

Resist! Do NOT get it, and do NOT give it to others! Join the hundred of thousands of other medical professionals and scientists worldwide who are resisting! See:

World’s Top Epidemiologists Oppose Madman Fauci and Call for End to Lockdowns

Doctors for Truth: Tens of Thousands Medical Professionals Suing and Calling for End to COVID Tyranny

This includes the many of you working at pharmacies, especially Walgreens and CVS.



After the medical professionals, they are going after the “weak and vulnerable,” which will include children.

A bill was just passed in Washington D.C. that allows schools to vaccinate children as young as 11 years old WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT!

Teachers and other school officials and parents need to RESIST THIS! Join the National Vaccine Information Center and stay informed about vaccine policies for children in your state.

Do NOT trust in the Government – Either Political Party!

Do NOT trust in the Pharmaceutical Industry! They are corrupt!

Trust in God alone, and stand together to resist tyranny! United we stand, divided we fall.

This is the time for everyone to pray to God for wisdom, discernment, and courage to oppose evil.

Your life, and the lives of the people around you, depend upon it.

Comment on this article at VaccineImpact.com.

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The entire article and video clip can be found here:

Source: Operation Warp Speed Reveals COVID Vaccine Distribution Plan by Military: “All of America Must Receive the Vaccine Within 24 Hours” After FDA Fast-track Approval

13 thoughts on ““Operation Warp Speed Reveals COVID Vaccine Distribution Plan by Military: “All of America Must Receive the Vaccine Within 24 Hours” After FDA Fast-track Approval”

    1. Thanks for the reblog!

      Yes, they do know something that we don’t!

      There is ample evidence that this vaccine will somehow, alter our DNA and make us more receptive to being controlled.

      I have no doubt that there is validity to this claim.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly! With many people, worldwide, waking up to this CV-19 fraud, and all the damage it has done, jabbing us with a concoction that not only keeps us ill and weak, but also keeps us sedated and easily controlled will be key to their “great reset” plan!

        As you point out, otherwise, what is the point of rushing this.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Which mob was it, Hitler or Stalin who talked about the big lie that ordinary people could not believe. Deja-vu? So the old people get the jab first. I thought previous wisdom was that old, frail, ill people should not even have the flu jab, but others should be vaccinated to protect them. Actions indicate our govts do not care about old people – and the establishment was enraged when the mainly older generation, the over fifties was the main demographic rejecting elite agendas. And the elite haven’t disguised their hatred. And the damage they have caused in the last year is incredible. They have demonstrated they are capable of anything. Scary times, eh?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Scary times, indeed!

        I am 70 and ill. And most of my closest friends are my age or older, and they are ill. We are no longer of any value in this worldwide capitalist-system.

        Eugenics is alive and well. And life in general has been devalued, over the last two centuries, in particular. And so part of this “great reset” is the depopulation agenda, which has been ongoing since I was in high school. Gates and Fauci are eugenicists, as are most of the pseudo left in America.

        They can euthanize me, I don’t care anymore. But they will not jab me with their poison in a syringe.

        One must draw a line at some point, and this is the line I’ve drawn.

        If you respond, I will get back to you later, since I need to get off line and meet a friend.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. My friend is running late.

        I’m sorry to hear your situation is similar. You take care, as well, my friend.

        I keep hoping all of this will go away, somehow. But of course, I know it will not, unless we all stand up and fight against it.

        As you know,. rebellion is spreading in Europe, so hopefully, it will start spreading here, as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I have just read a couple of article which suggest herd immunity to Covid is higher than realised through people having cross over immunity from the common cold. If enough facts get out to enough people perhaps the tide will turn.

        Liked by 1 person

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