“Doctor who demanded mandatory mask law pictured partying maskless on boat surrounded by bikini-clad women”

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CDC proposes concentration camps in America, plans to invade homes and separate families:

The Shielding Approach designates three levels of physical isolation: the Household model has a room dedicated to the isolation of the high risk individual, the Neighborhood level is a grouping of 5 to 10 households that “swap” homes to accommodate high risk individuals, and the Camp/ Sector level is a group of shelters such as schools and community buildings where as many as 50 high risk people are physically isolated together. Able-bodied so-called high risk individuals are needed to care for residents who have disabilities to limit exposure to the general population.

High risk individuals will be further isolated by dividing men and women, those with severe immunodeficiency, or dementia. High-risk minors should be accompanied into isolation by a single caregiver who will also be confined to the green zone. Camps and settlements hosting multiple nationalities may require additional separation.

The paper mentions concern over global reductions in commodity shortages, movement restrictions, border closures, and decreased trucking and flights.

The paper claims the premise is based on mitigation strategies used in the United Kingdom…

DB Note: A (un)scientific dictatorship is not a conspiracy theory, it is fact! And this inbred-vermin owned and operated (un)scientific dictatorship is going to destroy all of our lives, and the lives of our children and future generations, if we CONTINUE TO DO NOTHING TO STOP IT!


“At 65 years of age, this shitposting writer has seen a few things. And of all the things I’m not sure about, there is one thing I’m most sure of. That being, when we lay upon our death bed, we will not take into account our sins, our failings, our mistakes – the only thing we might hold ourselves to account for is whether we stood firm and stood for truth, no bloody matter its’ consequences.”

Decker/Dispatches From The Asylum

“The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

H.L. Mencken

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”

— H. L. Mencken


Image: http://www.crowrising.com


Quote from the following article:

The classic “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO” routine. Not only should you sheep recognize the blatant hypocrisy going on here, you should also recognize, as this video suggests, that you have been, and still are being, scammed, bamboozled, or just plain old screwed in the arse: this entire CV-19 ‘pandemic’ has been nothing, from the very beginning, but pre-planned theatrics, with a heinous agenda lurking behind:

Cuomo receives Emmy for best actor in Covid-19 performance, proving it’s all theater

Attempt to think and reason for once, little sheep to the slaughter: if this CV-19 pandemic were real, would this doctor, as well as those in power, be acting in this manner? No, he would not! This lowlife quack would do everything possible to avoid becoming ill. And yet, here he is, doing the exact opposite of what he loves to preach to us!

As I and many others have been stating for ten months now, there is no COVID-19 pandemic. There never was. There has been the normal flu (coronavirus) season, worldwide, and nothing more. I will state this once again, this entire CV-19 pandemic production has been the most heinous boldfaced lie and crime ever to be perpetrated on humanity:

Doctor who demanded mandatory mask law pictured partying maskless on boat surrounded by bikini-clad women


(Natural NewsThe world’s so-called “hottest doctor,” who has repeatedly called for mandatory mask laws and social distancing, was pictured maskless partying on a boat in Miami while surrounded by bikini-clad women.

(Article by Paul Joseph Watson republished from Infowars.com)

Mikhail Varshavski, known as ‘Dr. Mike’ online, completely contradicted his own advice by throwing a ‘super-spreader’ 31st birthday party for himself on November 12.

“A picture of Varshavski on a boat in Sunset Harbor surrounded by 14 other people — most of them bikini-clad women — has since done the rounds with his fans calling him out for hypocrisy,” reports the Daily Mail.

Another video shows the doctor massaging a woman’s neck on the deck of the boat while wearing a face scarf that isn’t even covering his nose.

Varshavski behavior is completely hypocritical given that he has repeatedly lectured others for ignoring social distancing and demanded mandatory mask laws to save lives.

“If by not wearing a mask you put other’s lives at risk it might make sense to make it mandatory. Wouldn’t you agree?” Varshavski tweeted back in June.

A month later, the doctor appeared on Fox Business and asserted, “Wearing a mask decreases the spread of this virus and that is of utmost importance for people’s health and the health of our economy.”

“So please, if you’re going outside in public and are going to be around other people, wear a mask,” he added.

During a YouTube interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Varshavski also said, “Social distancing is incredibly important. That’s how we control the spread of this virus.”

Varshavski has also appeared on CNN numerous times telling Americans to abide by coronavirus rules to which he is apparently not subject.

Varshavski’s fans savaged him after the embarrassing photos were leaked.

“You are supposed to be the example. I admired and respected you. Now that is all lost,” said one.

“I never cared about my health, I never trusted doctors before him, now I don’t know what to believe or do anymore,” added another. “I was able to bring my family back to reality only with the information and arguments he has provided in his videos.”

Apparently for Varshavski (and numerous other prominent figures as highlighted in the video below), it’s very much ‘do as we say, not as we do’.

Read more at: Infowars.com

Source: Doctor who demanded mandatory mask law pictured partying maskless on boat surrounded by bikini-clad women – NaturalNews.com

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