“More Souls Lost – the months of their Scamdemic”

Dispatches from the Asylum

Living under the false impression that lives sentenced to house arrest will be commuted, with the shackles of wet face diapers trashed, noses and mouths making their reappearance, and social distancing only to be practiced when visiting government and corporate shysters and cement heads at their high security prison cells – the unwashed have opened their Christmas presents and see that beneath the coals are nothing but further anus droppings from these arseholes.

The gods of Gehenna have had an easy row with ensuring the rolls of souls entering Hell will be never-ending.  All they’ve had to do is present the unwashed with a revolving door of idiots, morons and dopes to believe in…and sometimes it even presents itself in the human form of a lawn jockey. Too easy. The unwashed continue to believe:

Fauci Admits He’s Been ‘Deliberately’ Moving the Covid-19 goalposts – Partly Based on His Gut –…

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