“COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does the Virus Exist?”

Quote from the following article: Currently, for the SARS-CoV-2 assessment, the work starts with the assumption that it exists. Without validating the techniques, some experiments are being conducted following ritualistic steps (SOPs) to generate “data” and pretty pictures to show that it exists. It is hard to believe that such deceptive practices can occur in  modern-day science and escape authorities’ scrutiny and … More “COVID-19: “Virus Isolation”. Does the Virus Exist?”

“We Are at War”

Also see: Dr. Paul Offit demands “mass vaccination events” as medical communism descends upon America: Fake News CNN brought on one of their favorite vaccine propagandists, Dr. Paul Offit, to push for “mass vaccination events” across the United States. These “mass vaccination events” could be rolled out in every community across the country as soon as possible. Offit is … More “We Are at War”

“Video: Focus on Fauci. “This is Not A Vaccine””

Also see: Hospitals Offering Financial Incentives to Staff Refusing the Experimental COVID Vaccines to Get More Vaccinated: I guess Big Tech’s censorship of all dissenters wasn’t enough to convince people! A nursing home in Pennsylvania is offering to pay workers $750 each to take the vaccines: And this Pennsylvania nursing home is offering a straight-up … More “Video: Focus on Fauci. “This is Not A Vaccine””

“Is Forever Mass-Vaxxing the “New Abnormal”?”

Also see: Remember when Pfizer paid out $2.3 billion to settle the largest healthcare fraud case in history?: As millions of eligible Americans rush out to get vaccinated with Pfizer’s new Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, it is important to remind everyone that back in 2009, Pfizer was forced to pay a whopping $2.3 billion settlement in what … More “Is Forever Mass-Vaxxing the “New Abnormal”?”