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I am APPALLED to be labeled an American! I totally reject this man-concocted label, as I do all other labels of man. Where I was born was simply by chance, not by my choice. If I had known what a seventy-plus year existence would be like in this asinine, retrograde-inverted empire, I would have chosen non-existence.

Thus, I pledge no allegiance to a country, flag or government, whether it be this hellish menagerie or any other. And further, I do not recognize, nor kowtow to, the authority of this dying, short-lived empire. I reject all political/economic bullshit (statism), worldwide! I am owned and operated by no one but me!

I am an unapologetic, non-privileged white-male, who is sexually attracted to females. I am a unique, one of a kind individual, and that is all I am, all I ever have been, and all I will ever be. And I owe no apologies to anyone, for being who and what I am. And those professional-victims, those pseudo-left sacred-cows, who believe I do, can go straight to snowflake hell and rot there!

How an Inbred-Anglo-Zionist Genocidal-Mind Works

“How do we conquer humanity and rule the world, and without being exposed, this is the question? We know we have been chosen to rule, since our god has commanded us to rule over the nations. But how do we go about conquering these nations in the most covert and expedient manner?

Here is one idea: we take the common coronavirus, the common flu/common cold, and then we claim there has been an outbreak, worldwide, of a new deadly-form of this common virus. Remember, the easiest way to control the masses is to fill them with fear and dread of some non-existent enemy, whether human or not!

We would need to come up with a legitimate sounding  name for this new killer virus, like the “Novel Coronavirus”, for instance. And then, by means of our own propaganda machinery, we could spread fear all around the planet, by claiming that there is a completely out of control new-virus that is infecting and killing millions upon millions of people.

Of course, this would mean establishing, through our corporate-controlled mass-media and the CDC, daily totals of cases, hospitalizations and deaths, all of which would be based on a PCR Test that, as we all know, cannot isolate, nor purify, any single virus. And this new virus, this PANDEMIC, would need to be pandered every day, and in every possible way, to keep the deplorables fearful and confused.

In their frantic need to be saved state, we would be able to make these deplorables do anything we desire, for instance: we could order them to wear health-destroying masks, and to social distance from each other, and of course, we could, as they do in prisons, lock them down for unknown amounts of time. And all of this turmoil, this new normal, as we could refer to it, would not only make these despicable creatures mentally, emotionally and physically ill, it would also keep them filled with fear and suspicion of those around them.

Divide, Conquer and Rule has always been our modus operandi, along with the always effective Problem, Reaction, Solution. Therefore, if we adopt this plan, it would be imperative that we always keep these creatures separated and suspicious of each other. Otherwise, even in their pathetic, dumbed-down state, these creatures could begin to suspect that things just don’t seem to add up.

In fact, when we have set this plan in motion, we should also rev up the race war strategy again. Let’s give a call to our brethren who are in charge of BLM and ANTIFA, and see what old George Soros has to say about our plan. The more distracted, fearful and confused these deplorable creatures are, the better our plan will work! And race-baiting has always been one of our most successful divisive-tools.

There is no need to worry, my brethren, our education system has done such a great job of dumbing down the deplorable masses that we have little to be concerned about. Otherwise, this kind of moronic, easily-exposed plan would fall flat on its face. Hell, we could have never gotten away with this kind of despotic plan, forty to fifty years ago.

However, there will be, as always, an awake and aware minority who will not go along with our plan; these are the creatures who will seek to expose and destroy our plan. But in dealing with these particular deplorables, we could utilize our CIA and military trolls to infiltrate their websites and blogs, and constantly harass and label them as conspiracy theorists. And we could also use our social media puppets to censor anything they post.

As we all know, this term, “conspiracy theorist”, has kept the Kennedy assassination and 9-11 from being fully exposed for decades now. But if these precautions would fail, there would always be false-imprisonment and accidental-death to fall back on.

Lastly, we would need to continue to focus on our number one commandment:


Thus, we would need to keep the medical industry centered on producing and distributing very toxic and DNA altering medicines and vaccines, so that one day, we would be able to systematically exterminate this entire worldwide-herd of deplorables.

These not-fit-to-exist creatures have already outlived their usefulness to us. And now that we are on the verge of launching our worldwide Technocracy, our One World Government, these creatures are of no value to us, whatsoever.

So, are we in agreement that this plan would work? Then let us move forward with due diligence and fervor! To rule the world is our destiny! Our god has spoken, so shall it be done, no matter how heinously cruel and insanely genocidal our methods.”


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