Gary D Barnett

“Medical Martial Law and Propaganda Are Driven by Stealth and Marketing of a Bioweapon Disguised as a ‘Vaccine!’”

“Totalitarian Fascism, Concentration Camps, Imprisonment, Extortion, and Dictatorial Decrees Now the New Normal”

“Infecting W/COVID Swab, the RNA Vaccine, Artificial Intelligence”

“The State Is Destroying Freedom, Life, and History By Censoring and Eliminating Information and Speech”

“The U.S. Medical Profession Is Corrupt, Criminal, and Is Run By the State and Pharmaceutical Industry”

“Closer and Closer to the End: More Sickness and More Murder by the State”

“How Many Millions Will Be Murdered by This Bio-Weapon Called the Covid-19 “Vaccine?””

“Government Is Not Owned and Controlled by the People, People Are Owned and Controlled by Government”

“If Ever There Were a Time for a Stateless Society, This Is it!”

“Finding Light in the Face of Extreme Darkness”

“One Circus Is Over as the Next Begins: Hence, Unabated Tyranny Will Continue”

“You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: The Worst Is Yet to Come”

“To Know the Enemy That Has Caused This Tyrannical Carnage, Just Look at the Reflection in the Mirror”

James Corbett’s “The Future of Vaccines”

“Death by Government Edicts and Vaccination Is Planned Democide”

“The End Is Coming Very Soon, and Few Americans Are Willing To Do Anything To Stop It”

“There Is No Covid Health Crisis and There Is No Virus Pandemic: There Is Only Long-Planned Orchestrated Tyranny”

“Fake Pandemic, Fake Casedemic, then Fake Pandemic … And the Fraud Continues”

“The State’s Planned Covid Hell Is Coming, and Death Is Coming With It!”

“At This Point, Are Americans Anything More Than Lab Animals?”

“A Masked Society Is a Slave Society”

“State Propaganda at This Level Spells a Pre-planned and Fake Manufactured Plot to Control the World!”

“According to This Government, All Americans Are Terrorists, and Will be Treated as Such”

“There Is Foretelling of a Dark Winter: The Real Plan Is for a Dark Year, Dark Decade, Dark Century”

“All Those Supporting Lockdowns and Compliance Have Blood on Their Hands” (Thanksgiving? For What?!)

“Covid-19 Is a Hoax Leading to the Centralization of Control: ‘The Great Reset’ Is the Real Pandemic”

“Please Accept the Fact That Regardless of Outcomes, Elections Change Nothing!”

“The US Government and Its Military Have Declared War on the American People”

“Time for a Little Voting and Trump Reality”

“There Is Only One Solution to Our Problems: Unity and Mass Disobedience”

“Mindless Insanity Rears Its Ugly Head Once Again as All Those Picking a Side Have Already Lost”

“The Covid-19 Genocide of 2020”

“Totalitarianism Is Taking Over America”

“Do Not Wear a Mask and Do Not Get a Shot: Never Comply!”

“Freedom Is Strength, Obedience Is Weakness, and Indifference Is Cowardice”

“There Is No Covid and There Is No Pandemic”

“November 3rd, 2020: A Day That Will Live in Infamy”

“Has Anyone Noticed That the World’s Billionaires During the Covid Fraud Are Getting Richer While Everyone Else Is Facing Poverty?”

“Mask Wearing and ‘Social’ Distancing Compliance Is a Threat to the Individual Sovereignty of All”

“The America of Today in 12 Minutes”

“Will the Worm Turn With the Election in Three and a Half Weeks, or Will Totalitarianism Consume This Country?”

“Whitehouse Virus Fraud”

“The Beauty of Life Is Being Systematically Destroyed by the Covid Hoax”

“There Is No Coronavirus Pandemic, So How About a Dose of Reality?”

“Will the Planned Coronavirus Second Wave Take Root With the Election Chaos and Nationwide Riots as Distractions?”

“The State’s Covid Response Is a Cancer for the Freedom of Humanity”

“Mandatory Mask Wearing Is Silent Terrorism Meant for Psychological Submission”

“Censorship and Secrecy Are Deadly to All Freedom and Liberty”

“Erasing History and Erasing Truth: Censorship and Destroying Records Is the Cornerstone of Tyrants”:

“2021: the Year of the Deadliest Vaccine”

“Economic Doom Due to the Covid Response Is on the Horizon and Beyond”

“30 Minutes of Truth About the Fraud Called Covid-19” (30 Minute Video)

“Covid-19 or Covid-9-11?”

“The State’s Response to This ‘Virus’ Is Nothing More Than a Weapon of Mass Submission”

“The State’s Response to This ‘Virus’ Is Nothing More Than a Weapon of Mass Submission”

“This Year’s Economic Destruction Due to the State’s Coronavirus Response Will Pale in Comparison to What Is Coming!”

“Let’s Talk About Racism, Shall We?”

“Coronavirus Vaccine or Invasion of the Body Snatchers?”

“The Economic Insanity of This Coronavirus Pandemic Plot and the Coming Global Reset”

“Virus Insanity: the Obvious Absurdity of It All”

“Nazi Schooling ‘Virus’ Plan”

“‘Pandemic’ Equality: All But the Ruling Class Will Be Equal Slaves”

“2020-2021 Public Schools: the Accelerated Indoctrination and Health Destroying System of Child Control Due to a ‘Virus’”

“Concerning Coronavirus: The State Always Seeks to Justify Its Evil, but the People’s Indifference Permits It”

“The Voluntary End of America Due to a Coronavirus Hoax”

“The Coronavirus Response Is Pure State Terrorism Based on Propaganda”

“The Biggest Lie of this Coronavirus Hoax Is That the State Cares About Any of You”

“Madness Has Consumed This Country”

“The End of America and the Downfall of Humanity”

“The Elusive Nature of Freedom”

“The Covid Set-Up Is Now Fully in Play as CDC Outlines Plan for Death”

“Covid Madness: How Can So Few Control So Many?”

“The Insolent American Population Have Become a Pathetic Mass of Irrelevancy, and Ripe for Takeover”

“Pandemic Madness: The State’s Plan Rests on the Destruction of the Human Spirit”

“A Covid Vaccine Is Coming, and Death Is Coming With It!”

“Rationing Life: A Major Objective of the Coronavirus Scam”

“The Long-Planned Second Wave of This Coronavirus Is Now Going Into High Gear”